Our investigative services extend from pre-employment to post-employment information requirements of employers. Our services include investigation on over all work attitude, work habits, eligibility for re-hire, responsibilities and duties, performance rating, wages, social well-being, family & friend circle details, etc.

 Pre-Employment Investigation Services :

cover aspects from ascertaining the veracity of a prospect's resume details to understanding various aspects of his/her background, we can find out all the information an employer needs to know about a future employee. We work with our clients to determine the information they need to make responsible hiring decisions.

Post-Employment Investigation Services:

On the other hand, ignoring the integrity of existing employees or ex-employees at management level could be pricey for any company. An employee in a significant access to databases and confidential information may be swept. Here, the client company's security is only as strong as the weakest link. In order to make investigation an easy task, we also cover surveillance and checks on existing and ex-employees to determine the possible existence of fraud or espionage activities.

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