Corporate Investigation Agency

We offer an extensive range of Corporate Investigation services to our corporate clients relating to various aspects of their operations. From investigation of illegal activity by employees in the workplace to sourcing information about competitors, & providing security cover for employees, we offer complete corporate investigative solutions.

Pre and Post Employment Verification

We face up to companies to scrutinize their existing pre and post hire practices for screening of background to make sure that the organization is best protected against the liabilities and risks that are innate in the society nowadays.

Labour Court Cases and Legal Support

Lawyers on behalf of both defense and plaintiff clients might take the services of a private detective in order to back up with existing or find new evidence in some court case consisting of a corporate litigation / product liability / personal injury affair.

Detecting Duplicity

Feeling the requirement to take care of the connotation of corporate deceit and duplicity, we take in hand the growing problem of workforce fraud.


We intend to give help and direction to staff and managers of organizations who have to deal with supposed cases of corruption, fraud and theft.

Background Search

We find general info about an organization's services and products, competitors, legal status and reputation.

Asset Searches

We are engaged to authenticate financial accounts and find out secreted assets of the companies and individuals in the defaulting debtor list.


We monitor the activities of people, processes or objects inside systems for compliance to desired or expected rule

Competitors Investigated
Industrial Espionage
We direct counter espionage efforts at thwarting and detecting espionage
Employee Dishonesty / Theft Undercover Investigations / Operation

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